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You can share it by copying the code below and adding it to your blog or web is a platform for academics to share research papers.Slightly differently, determinate can also refer to something that has a clearly visible limit of form.

Hairs with determinate growth are subject to wear and must be replaced periodically—a process termed molt.Growth can be measured as an increase in biomass or body size.

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Determinants of economic growth are inter-related factors that directly influence the rate of economic growth i.e. increase in real GDP of an economy.

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Determinate Growth - Organism has a limited size (organism grows until it reaches a certain size and then it stops growing) Cells may be lost and replaced, however, the average number of cells remains fairly constant.


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Define growth, differentiation, development, dedifferentiation, redifferentiation, determinate growth, meristem and growth rate.However, the issue is a life-altering one for parole as an institution.

Among insects, the earliest branching taxa show indeterminate growth, whereas growth is clearly determinate in more derived taxa, such as Diptera (flies), thus supporting the conjecture that the ancestral condition may be one of indeterminate growth (Fig. 2A).

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Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to each growth strategy.

Many other languages use inflection, a change in the form of words, to show h.

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Sentencing Determinate and Indeterminate Sentencing: The following paragraphs will define and explain the differences between determinate and indeterminate sentences.

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Plants with six or more inflorescences on the main stem were defined as semideterminate, while those with fewer were defined as determinate.It refers to a habit of plant development wherein vegetative growth continues after the.

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In horticulture, indeterminate growth refers to plant growth that has not yet been terminated.Determinate varieties: One advantage of determinate varieties is that they are often the earliest producing plants.Redundant forces are chosen so that the structure is stable and statically determinate when you remove these forces.

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For the first month or so, all of the sugar it produces is directed towards new leaf growth.This discussion may seem, at first blush, to be somewhat theoretical.These terms refer to the growth habit of tomato plants and basically mean bush or vining, respectively.

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In biology and botany, indeterminate growth is growth that is not terminated in contrast to determinate growth that stops once a genetically pre-determined structure has completely formed.The song, featuring American pop singer Adam Hicks, was written by Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Johan Alkenas, Charlie Mason, Ebony Burks and Hicks.It refers to the growth pattern of a plant with both determinate and indeterminate characteristics.

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