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Intra-gang violence or violence between gang members in one gang, is uncommon.


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Tony Saatzer returned for an power packed interview featuring the Gang, Public Enemy Number One.

Prisoner slain in California was white supremacist leader

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Originally, PDS held no white supremacist views, and were mainly a loose-knit group of runaways and homeless kids.Respondents provided information regarding the estimated ages of gang members in their jurisdictions.Other punk gangs, including sgv Unity LA,BAY,SGV,IE chapters,La Mirada punks,Vicious Circle, L.A.

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Stringfellow was the second high-profile gang leader slain at the maximum security prison east of Sacramento in recent years.Members often mark themselves with tattoos of different acronyms for the gang.

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There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the USA in 2007, up from 731,500 in 2002 and 750,000 in 2004.

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Some experts suggest that the death penalty is the only way to deal with the Mexican Mafia gang.

Identifying and Documenting Gang Members Extract as much information as you can from contact with gang members.At times, experts say, all three groups — AB, NLR and PENI — have worked together or in various combinations in the drug trade.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) are organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprises.The members of a gang feel superior to others and can trip on a dime.

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Since money is the top incentive for most gang members they target everyone.Commonly known as PENI, the group has picked up where the NLR has been forced to leave off, carrying out gang jobs at the behest of AB and the NLR.

The alleged leader of a White Supremacist gang was killed at a California prison, according to law enforcement and watchdog groups on Friday.

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LONDON gang members who planned a machete revenge attack on a rival gang were today jailed for more than ten years.Public Enemy Number One (PENI) is an unusual hybrid of a racist Skinhead gang, street gang and prison gang.Two members of the gang Public Enemy Number One were convicted Tuesday of executing a founder of the white supremacist organization in 2002 in retaliation for giving away some of its secrets on a television news program.

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There are more than 300 active OMGs in the United States (U.S.), ranging in size from single chapters with five or six members to hundreds of chapters with thousands of members worldwide.

White supremacist gets death penalty in murder case

Law enforcement and watchdog groups confirmed Friday that 48-year-old Devlin Gazoo Stringfellow helped start the group known as PENI.

The rise of the punk movement in the U.S. helped to facilitate the development of skinhead gangs.On 25th August 1993, Amy Biehl, an American Fulbright scholar working in South Africa against apartheid, was beaten and stabbed to death in a black township near Cape Town.

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MS 13 (Photo Wikimedia) The MS 13, also sometimes seen just as MS or 13, is a symbol of the Mara Salvatrucha gang from El Salvador.By 1999, Hispanics accounted for 47% of all gang members, Blacks 31%, Whites 13%, and Asians 6%.

The Nazi Low Riders (NLR) is a violent white supremacist prison gang based out of the California prison system.This name would later be hijacked from members that ended up in prison, and possibly needed some kind of affiliation to a gang.