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He is the only Victorian Urologist to have undertaken a specialised fellowship in the USA in urological prosthetics which is accredited by the by Sexual Medicine Society of North America.After the penile implant procedure, it is common for bruises and swelling of the scrotum to occur.Dr. J. Francois Eid discusses how to maximize length with the penile implant procedure.

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The devices consist of a pump, two cylinders and a reservoir that are implanted in the body.

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He says that if it broke tomorrow--would be on a plane to Boston to have a new one installed.

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We are particularly expert in the surgical treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction.Congenital and acquired micropenis are the classic surgical indications for penile elongation surgery.

The penile implant is the BEST thing that has happened to us in 3 plus years since his diagnosis.I have emailed almost all hospitals in south east Asia regarding penile implant surgery, and just a wave of negative replies.My husband is a diabetic who does not do what he is supposed to of course.I had heard of the implant procedure on radio ads that ran in the Phoenix area. I. at that time, did my own personal research into the procedure itself, success Rates, and patient feed back.With implants, surgeons often do one to 10 per year and may not have specialty training in implant and penile surgery.

If you choose to have penile implant surgery it is of utmost importance to select a surgeon with a large volume of procedure experience and infection-free patient recovery results.Once you are under anaesthesia, the doctor will make a small incision either just above the penis or between the penis and the scrotum.Researchers concluded that the level of satisfaction with implanted penile devices is very high, with a positive impact on sexual, psychological and relational function.A penile prosthesis is a surgically implanted device that allows a man with erectile dysfunction to have erections again.You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

This study investigated sexual satisfaction among penile prosthesis users.

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The penile implant has been a mainstay of treatment for erectile dysfunction for over 30 years.As with most things, the patient should enquire about the experience of the surgeons performing these cases and only go to someone who is comfortable with all aspects of these cases.Peyronies disease Support Forums will help you find treatments and relief for your condition.

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Do any of you have experience with penile implants following prostate surgery.

I had double nerve sparing prostate surgery and went through a penile rehab program. 4 years post-surgery my response to ED meds went down hill until I no longer responded at all.

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