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He is among the very few Urologists in India who are exclusively devoted to surgery of urethra and external genitalia.The clinical outcome was considered a failure when any instrumentation was needed after surgery.The surveillance protocol after urethroplasty was urination.The outcomes of the surgery can be assessed depending upon the rate of complication, psychological factors such as psychosexual life and cosmetic look of the penis, and functional outcomes such as sexuality and micturition.

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Phalloplasty is the other most common form of lower surgery for AFAB trans and nonbinary people.Chordee is a medical condition that affects the cosmetic appearance of penis.

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The types of surgeries are varied and depend upon the location, cause, and length of the stricture.A phalloplasty is the construction or reconstruction of a penis.The phalloplasty is a common surgical choice for transgender and nonbinary people interested in gender confirmation surgery.It also carries sperm from the testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate gland through the penis.Fortunately, in majority of case, the curvature found in the penis can be easily straightened out and most of the men suffering from the same may eventually choose for this for fear, which it may intervene with intercourse.

These procedures are complex and should be done by a surgeon with plastic surgery experience.This procedure is suggested for strictures less than 2 cm in length.

On the other hand, we have shown that the early revision rate for a simple 1-stage Orandi urethroplasty of the penile urethra is 20% and no patient treated with a 1 or 2-stage urethroplasty of the bulbar or membranous urethra required early revision.Flap urethroplasty: This technique involves harvesting a portion of skin from the penis in order to place a patch over the narrowed portion of the urethra.

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Variable Total Urethroplasty technique Anastomotic Staged Substitution p-value No. No. No.

Distal urethroplasty for fossa navicularis and meatal strictures Distal urethral strictures involving the fossa navicularis and meatus represent a unique subset of urethral strictures that are particularly challenging to reconstructive urologists.Penile Surgery Preop Instructions (General): Nothing to eat or drink after midnight before surgery (drinking coffee, chewing gum, sucking on hard candy are unacceptable and can delay or cancel your surgery).Urethroplasty is the gold standard for urethal reconstruction with the best and most durable results.Hypospadias can be corrected using surgery to achieve normal appearance and functioning of the penis.

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The skin remains connected to the muscle and underlying blood vessels.Urethroplasty is an open surgical reconstruction or replacement of the urethra that has been narrowed by scar tissue and spongiofibrosis (urethral stricture).A determining factor in the outcome of grafts is their mechanical support.The open reconstruction of urethral stricture disease, also called urethroplasty, may involve surgery to remove the involved segment and re-attach the two normal ends.No patient required revision surgery before the second-stage and required redo buccal graft harvesting for subsequent urethroplasty.

Broken Penis is a fracture of the penis where it affects directly the Tunica albuginea.Urethral stricture surgery recovery - Which is the best surgery for urethral stricture.

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Developed in 1996, Musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap phalloplasty is a staged procedure with flap transfer in the first stage, urethroplasty in the second, and implantation of penile implants in the third.Reconstruction of Urethral Stricture End-to-End Urethroplasty Urethroplasty is a surgery which involves the reconstruction of the urethra to treat urethral strictures (narrowing of the urethra).Another option with Metoidioplasty is Urethroplasty or Urethral Lengthening.

Techniques vary (ie. anterior vaginal wall flap vs. buccal mucosa flap) but the results are the same: extension of the urethra from the native urethral opening to the tip of the penis.

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On the other hand, 29 of 44 previously impotent patients recovered erectile function after urethroplasty.Four patients with penile aplasia were included in that study, but presumably surgery was performed in adulthood. They described a technique using an innervated anterolateral thigh flap to perform a neophallus, with a good result.Table 1: Distribution of urethroplasty techniques by location, etiology and length of urethral stricture.