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Very dark urine can indicate serious jaundice, and orange urine can be caused by vitamin supplements (for example, vitamin C), drugs and possibly carrots.This graphic from Cleveland Clinic shows what different urine hues might say about your health.The yellow color is primarily associated with renal excretion of plasma urochrome.Fluids dilute the yellow pigments in urine, so the more you drink, the clearer your urine looks.

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In fact, this has come from the break down of the better known pigment found in blood.However, drinking so much water that your pee is clear can actually cause an imbalance in your electrolyte levels.

The urine will be sent to a laboratory, where a test called an ACR (albumin-to-creatinine ratio) is done.The color and clarity of the urine is important because in some cases it can adversely affect the next phase of testing, the dipstick test.Pigments and other compounds in certain foods and medications may change your urine color.

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Best Answer: Dogs will make their urine more concentrated or dilute depending on their water intake, just like people.

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All shades of yellow can alternately change within one day, from light straw tones to dark yellow ones.

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If everything is normal and healthy, the color should be a pale yellow to gold.

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Urochrome is a yellow lipid soluble sulfur containing oxidation product of a colorless urochromogen.

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When you drink less, the color becomes more concentrated — severe dehydration can produce urine the color of amber.

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To be well hydrated, urine color should be almost clear, very light yellow, or light yellow (1 through 3).The most common color of urine is yellow, which is caused by the presence of urobilin, a biochemical waste product generated from the breakdown of old red blood cells. (Your body makes about 2 million new red blood cells every day, and recycles an equal number of old ones.).UrineColors.com is a site created to help you determine the causes of your different urine colors as well as help you understand how your urine color can be a symptom of certain health issues.

Normal urine color during pregnancy in the early stages should not be unusual or different from the normal color.The color, density and smell of urine can reveal much about the state of our health.This article discusses the triggers of color changes in the urine.

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You need to pee on a strip of pHydrion paper, note the color change and write down the pH number.

Normal urine is a transparent solution ranging from colorless to amber but is usually a pale yellow.Normal, healthy pee actually has a yellow color from a pigment called urochrome.

Normal urine may vary in color from almost colorless to dark yellow.The specific gravity varies depending on the time of day, amount of food and liquids consumed, and the amount of recent exercise.

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In most cases, people with gross hematuria do not have other signs and symptoms.Believe it or not, urine, normally a light straw color, is something that can come in many different colors, from almost as clear as water to dark yellow to white to red to almost black.The actual tint will depend on the concentration or dilution of the urine.With While the odor of urine can vary somewhat, in most cases, it does not have a strong smell.

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The intensity of the yellow color in normal urine varies with the degree of urine concentration or dilution.An ACR shows whether you have a type of protein called albumin in your urine.White urine is usually a normal and healthy occurrence and nothing to worry about unless there are accompanying symptoms such as frequent urinary urgency, Polyuria (frequent urination), burning pain with urination (dysuria) or colicky pains (meaning that it comes in waves, and often symptomatic of kidney stones).